Invisible Bead Extensions®

Experience fuller, longer, natural looking hair without damaging glue, heat or tension spots! IBE is incredibly comfortable and versatile, and blends perfectly into your hair...your extensions will be our little secret! For more information on pricing and expectations please see below and/or click the link below.

For more detailed pricing, please schedule a consultation. 

First time visit-

$200 for 1 row

$175 for each additional row


$125 installation fee (this covers coloring the extension hair, treatment, installation, cut and styling)

Pricing of hair is per "weft"

Length and volume= 6-11 wefts (2-3 rows)

Volume=3-5 wefts (1 row)

Pricing of wefts

$70 = 10-14"

$90 =18"

$120 =22"

Returning visits-

$200 for 1 row

$175 for each additional row

 (includes removal and reinstall of current extensions with dry styling only)


Guest wants longer fuller hair...

Initial cost- $720 for hair (8 wefts of 18" hair)

$500 for initial install- $375 for move up's


Maintenance every 7-10 weeks- $375

*Pricing does not include coloring of guests own hair