Welcome to an Illuminating Career

Hey there, I am so glad you're interested in working with me! I am currently looking for a motivated, fun yet very organized person to join me as my studio assistant. The position is focused on helping the studio to run like a well oiled machine and give the very best guest experience. There will be a large emphesis on education and growing you as a potential commissioned stylist if we decide to move forward in that direction.


Job Description

Employees primary role is to support Kaytlin with studio readiness, guest preparation, services and guest experience. Employee will be trained to greet guests, perform necessary daily studio tasks, correspond with guests on the Studio's behalf, record photo's and videos for social media, provide shampoo services, blow dry services, chemical services plus waxing and extension services (if training is agreed upon and paid for by employee). The role will begin as an assistant and may grow into a commissioned stylist position if growth allows

  • Licensed or less than 500 hours to go

  • Passionate about the beauty industry

  • Punctual

  • Professional

  • Drama free

  • Fashionable/put together

  • Motivated and have career goals

  • An education lover

  • A great communicator

  • Clean and organized

  • Detail oriented

  • A quick learner

  • Someone who enjoys working with others and learning as they go

Job requirements

The perfect fit will be...