Hello Beautiful

I am so excited to meet you! Your experience will begin when you submit an appointment request below using the "book here" button. You will be directed to my online booking page, Vagaro. If you don't already have an account, you'll be prompted to create one so making all future appointments will be super easy! Once the appointment request is in, I'll double check that the time and service selected makes the most sense for your waxing needs, and well make it a date!

The day of your appointment you'll arrive at the "Amber professional buildings" on Thomas Johnson Drive. You will turn in at building 180 and head behind it to building 176. There is a large parking lot with high turnover so you should easily find a spot. If you're facing building 176 with 15 behind it, I am suite 205 all the way to the left! You can just walk right on in and take a seat in the waiting room on the left and I'll be up to get you asap. 

Now for the fun part! If you've never been waxed before it can be scary and its mainly the fear of the unknown. I do my best to walk you through the process and put your mind at ease...lets be real, its hurts a little but its only a few minutes and then you have weeks of NO HAIR! So I think its totally worth a little sting! I'll be sure to give you tips for success and how long you should wait for your next wax. I do use a combination of wax types (hard and soft) and I utilize a very high quality wax thats effective for the most sensitive skin and the most stubborn hair. I promise to make the experience as easy as possible and I bet you'll be coming back for more!


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